Rossmann's baby program has been revived

Rossmann's baby program has been revived

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Launched in May 2012, the Rossmanu Baby Program has been welcoming more than 13 members to the program now or just for registered members.

Rossmann will continue to pay special attention to pregnant women and their children in 2014, and will be launching on January 13th the Rossmanu Baby Program, which has more than 80,000 members. The previous 2 year eligibility age is increased to 3 years, so mothers can enjoy different benefits one year later.
Following the registration, a one-time 10-percent discount is still valid for all Babydream products, as are the monthly surprising rewards for signing up for beans. Plus, for newborns, 20% off your pre-packaged package lets you buy all the stuff your baby needs. The discounted prices are linked to the Stock Exchange Card and are also valid on Rossmann's webshop.


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